4 x 8 aluminum sheet

4 x 8 aluminum sheet can also be called 4 by 8 aluminum sheet. The “4 x 8” generally refers to the ratio of the width to length of the aluminum sheet. 4 ‘ represent 4 foot and 8′ represent 8 foot. 1 foot = 304.8 mm, 4′ = 1219 mm, 8’ = 2438 mm. Thus, it means the size of the 4 x 8 aluminum sheet  is 1219mm × 2438mm.


Application of thin 4 x 8 aluminum sheet

4 x 8 aluminum sheet is used for PS / CTP / ACP sheet base, aluminum and plastic composite sheet / tube / bottle / water tank cover, aluminum sheet for curtain wall panel / ceiling panel / roof, for refrigerator / air conditioner / automotive / ship etc.


What kind of aluminum alloy can be used for aluminum sheet 4 x 8?

Aluminum sheet 4 x 8 metal mainly includes 5000 series aluminum sheet and 6000 series aluminum sheet. In addition, 1000 series aluminum sheet , 3000 series aluminum sheet , and 7000 series are also relatively common. These five types of 4 x 8 aluminum sheets have their unique specifications, advantages and performance. Customers can choose the best sheet aluminum according to their needs.


4 x 8 aluminum sheet manufacturer

Among the many 4 x 8 aluminum sheet manufacturers in China, Henan Mingtai Aluminum is experienced and trustworthy. Mingtai Aluminum has been established for nearly 23 years, with advanced equipment and mature technology. Moreover, after a long-term accumulation of production experience, Mingtai has achieved fruitful results in aluminum sheet production.


Advantages of Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd

In addition to the above production technology and experience, Henan Mingtai Aluminum also has a complete quality management system. It covers many links from 4 by 8 aluminum sheet product development to production, product pre-sale and after-sale services. Mingtai’s products can send samples for free, the quality can withstand inspection, real-time tracking of pre-sales and after-sales customers, to solve the customer’s worries when choosing an aluminum sheet, saving customers’ time and capital costs.


What kind of 4 x 8 aluminum sheet with alloy thickness for sale from Mingtai AL Co.,Ltd?

Henan Mingtai Aluminum not only has different alloy 4 x 8 aluminum sheet , such as 5000 series aluminum alloy, 6000 series aluminum alloy and 5×10 aluminum sheet, but also has a series of different thickness 4 by 8 aluminum sheet for sale. These aluminum sheet include 1mm 4 by 8 aluminum sheet , 2mm 4 by 8 aluminum sheet , 3mm 4 by 8 aluminum sheet, 4mm 4 by 8 aluminum sheet, 5mm 4 by 8 aluminum sheet, 6mm 4 by 8 aluminum sheet.


4 by 8 aluminum sheet export related issues

Question: What is the price of 4 by 8 aluminum sheet for Mingtai Aluminum?
Answer: Mingtai Aluminum relies on the advantages of raw materials and the price is very advantageous under the premise of the same quality in the market, especially for long-term cooperation.

Question: How to guarantee the product quality of Mingtai Aluminum?
Answer: The company’s materials are all produced with original aluminum liquid and aluminum ingots. All products have passed ISO9000 certification and international SGS environmental certification. The product quality is far ahead of its peers.

Question: How long is the delivery time of Mingtai Aluminum’s products?
Answer: The annual production capacity of Mingtai Aluminum is rising continuously. The current output can reach 860,000 tons this year. The delivery time is generally within 15-25 days.

Question: Does the packaging meet export standards?
Answer: The packaging of 4 by 8 aluminum sheet coils produced by Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. complies with export standards. Moreover, using plastic film and kraft paper to cover aluminum sheet according to customer needs. Mingtai use a wooden box or wooden pallet on the outside of the aluminum sheet to protect the product from damage during transportation.