4×6 aluminum sheet

There are many materials for truck compartments, but recently there is a trend that is to use pressed aluminum sheet 4×6 aluminum sheet to make truck compartments. What is the charm of the 4×6 aluminum sheet? The benefits of using aluminum sheet 4×6 in the lower truck compartment.


4×6 aluminum sheet material is light

Conducive to energy saving. Compared with traditional steel plates, alloy aluminum sheets have the advantage of low density and light materials. The use of 4×6 aluminum sheets for the same specifications is much lighter than steel sheets. This will bring many benefits. The reduction of body weight can greatly reduce fuel consumption. As far as drivers are concerned, it means that they can pull more goods and their natural income will increase accordingly. This is one of the reasons why everyone chooses.

4×6 aluminum sheet corrosion resistant

Long service life 4×6 aluminum sheet has strong corrosion resistance due to the addition of different alloying elements. Compared with the traditional steel car compartment, the service life can be increased by about ten times. Under normal use, the steel car compartment is used for 3-5 years It will be scrapped due to corrosion problems, and a 4×6 aluminum sheet can be used for decades, which is an obvious advantage.

4×6 aluminum sheet environmental protection

A product with a high recycling value and even the best product will have a limit value. The same is true for the 4×6 aluminum sheet. However, compared with traditional steel plates, the recycling value of scrap aluminum sheet is much higher than other materials, and the recycling rate can reach 80%. Therefore, the 4×6 aluminum sheet is highly environmentally friendly, which is also in line with the sustainable resource development strategy advocated by the country.

4×6 aluminum sheet diamond plate has good practicality

The difference between the 4×6 aluminum sheet aluminum diamond plate and other materials is that it has a raised pattern, which is not only beautiful but also has a good anti-skid effect. This is very conducive to the transportation of goods and avoids goods due to poor road conditions. The loss caused by the collision.

How to judge the quality of a 4×6 aluminum sheet?

As a company that uses aluminum sheet plates, if you want to produce good products, the quality of the raw materials of the 4×6 aluminum sheet is actually very important, so how to judge the quality of the aluminum plate? We can screen aluminum plates from the following four dimensions:


Chemical composition of 4×6 aluminum sheet

The content of various alloying elements in the 4×6 aluminum sheet plays a vital role in the performance of the aluminum sheet. If the content standard increases or decreases, it will affect the mechanical properties of the aluminum plate. Therefore, the content of the chemical composition of the aluminum plate sheet is a standard for us to screen the quality of the aluminum plate.

Dimensional tolerance of 4 x 6 aluminum sheet

For the dimensional tolerance of 4 x 6 aluminum sheet, we mainly look at these aspects, thickness, length and width, diagonal, and flatness. If the aluminum sheet does not meet the standard, it will affect the yield of products produced by the company during the production and processing of the company.

Mechanical properties of 4 x 6 aluminum sheet

The mechanical properties of aluminum sheets include tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, hardness, etc. These indicators are what we need to pay attention to. If they are not properly controlled, they will also affect the subsequent processing of customer products.

The surface quality of 4 x 6 aluminum sheet

When the surface of the aluminum sheet is left out of the factory, if it is not carefully produced, it is easy to cause scratches, scratches, abrasions, etc. Not to mention the unsightly surface, the serious ones will affect the use of the product, so enterprises must pay attention to the choice of 4 x 6 aluminum sheet products.


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