4 by 8 aluminum sheets

4 by 8 aluminum sheets are distinguished according to the ratio of the length to the width of the aluminum sheet, which is also called 4×8 aluminum sheets, which can be viewed in the previous article. The advantageous characteristics of 4 by 8 aluminum are far more than those previously introduced. Today’s task is to enrich relevant knowledge and let customers know more about 4 by 8 aluminum sheets.

4 by 8 aluminum sheets advantages

1). Lightweight. The biggest feature of 4 by 8 aluminum sheets is their quality. The addition of lithium makes the mass of aluminum-lithium alloy lighter than most metals. As the content of lithium increases, its mass will further decrease. This feature has attracted many scientists to study it.

2). High strength. 4 by 8 aluminum sheet has high strength, its strength will not change significantly due to the increase of lithium, and the strength of the alloy can be further improved by adding copper, magnesium, zinc and other elements.

3), high rigidity. 4 by 8 aluminum plate sheets have high rigidity and strong resistance to deformation. Its rigidity will be further improved with the increase of alloy elements.

4). Anti-corrosion. Aluminum sheet 4 by 8 has good corrosion resistance and strong environmental adaptability.

5). Anti-fatigue. Metal fatigue is one of the main factors limiting the application range of aluminum sheets, and 4 by 8 aluminium sheets have excellent fatigue performance and long service life.

6). Good ductility. 4 by 8 aluminum sheets have good ductility and effectively reduce the processing difficulty of aluminum alloy sheets.

4 by 8 aluminum sheets weight calculation formula

Talking about the calculation formula of 4 by 8 aluminum sheets, many people want to know how to calculate it? In fact, the calculation of the weight of 4’by 8’aluminum sheets is also very simple. Next, I will give you an important introduction here.

Aluminum plate weight calculation formula

Weight calculation formula: m=ρ*V (m is mass, ρ is density, V is volume)
The density (ρ) of aluminum sheet of different alloys is different. Here, we take 3mm * 200mm * 1600mm 4 x 8 aluminum sheet as an example. Then the weight of this aluminum plate (m) = 2.71 (density) * 3 (thickness/mm) * 0.2 (width/m) * 1.6 (length/m) = 2.6kg.

Aluminum alloy sheet density table

Aluminum alloy sheet density.jpg

Common thickness aluminum sheet plate weight calculation

What is the weight of a square of 6mm aluminum sheet?

Aluminum plates are divided into pure aluminum plates and alloy aluminum plates. Pure aluminum plates are also called a series of aluminum plates, with a density of 2.71 and a weight of 16.26kg; alloy aluminum plates are divided into multiple series, with a density of 2.73 and a weight of 16.38kg; and a density of 2.68 and the weight of the fifth series. It is 16.08kg. Which series of aluminum plates do you need, so that you can accurately know the actual weight.

How many kilograms per square meter of 3mm aluminum sheet

The price of aluminum plate is composed of aluminum ingot price and processing fee, that is, unit price = aluminum ingot price + processing fee. The price of aluminum ingots can be found on Baidu. The aluminum plate processing fee needs to know the alloy state, specification and quantity of the required aluminum plate in order to give an answer. 3mm is a thin plate, and China’s state-owned enterprises, such as Mingtai Aluminum, which do well in China, have a good market share in the industrial and civilian markets. The weight of the 3mm aluminum plate can be calculated: 3*1 square meter *2.7g/cubic meter = about 8.1 kg.

2mm thick aluminum sheet theoretical weight

Theoretical weight of aluminum alloy plate = (interface area of ​​aluminum plate*length*2.7)/1000. The theoretical weight of one square meter thick 2mm aluminum alloy plate = 1X2.0mmX2.7X1/1000=5.4‬KG.