Introduction of 3105 aluminum sheet

3105 aluminum, 3000 series aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy with an aluminum content of about 98%. 3105 aluminum sheet, compared to 1100 and 3003, is based on adding a small amount of other elements to increase strength. Similarly, 3105 aluminum is not a heat-treatable alloy, and it cannot increase its hardness through heat treatment; similarly, it has excellent corrosion resistance, formability and weldability.
3105 aluminum sheet

Features of 3105 aluminum sheet

3105 aluminum alloy has advantages and disadvantages.
The advantage is rust and corrosion resistance, thanks to the added manganese element. The 3000 series aluminum sheet has higher corrosion resistance and higher strength. This kind of corrosion resistance is not only in the air, but also in dilute acid, so it can be applied to many special environments.
Compared with pure aluminum sheet, the hardness of 3000 series aluminum sheet is higher, which is about 10%-20% higher than that of pure aluminum sheet. The 3000 series cannot be heat-treated, so it can be cold-worked to increase the degree.
Good properties at room temperature include the following: formability, weldability and corrosion resistance, and welding performance.
Disadvantages of 3105 aluminum alloy: When the temper is cold deformed, there is a tendency to peel off and corrode. The degree of peeling is related to the amount of deformation. Generally, anodizing is not performed, because it has been found through practice that the color is not uniform after anodizing.
3105 aluminum

Painted 3105 aluminum coil

Color-coated aluminum coil is a product obtained from aluminum coil as the base material after surface paint coloring treatment. Common fluorocarbon coatings, polyester coatings and so on. Color-coated aluminum substrates generally use 3105 aluminum sheet, 3004 aluminum sheet, 3104 aluminum coil etc. As the performance advantages of color-coated aluminum are recognized by everyone, its application fields are becoming more and more extensive. Painted 3105 aluminum sheet is a very good color-coated aluminum material. What we can provide is 3105 aluminum alloy that has not been processed by color coating. Here is a note.
3105 painted aluminum sheet

3105 aluminum sheet manufacturer

With many years of brand accumulation, it has 1.3 million square meters of large-scale and standardized factory buildings, and its products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions. Over the years, Zhengzhou Mingtai Aluminum has been constantly innovating and forging ahead, optimizing and upgrading the technical level and processing technology. Its products have high quality and good performance, and are well received by users. According to the needs and attributes of aluminum in different industries, Mingtai provides professional aluminum solutions for industries. The 3105 aluminum coil/sheet produced by Mingtai can be used for movable house panels, room partitions, baffles, bottle caps, hoods, eaves and downpipes, and thin sheet forming parts. For more detailed product information and preferential quotations, please contact us for quick access.