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3105 grade aluminum is basically 98% pure high-quality aluminum alloy with a small amount of strength added. It is not only called this one, because there are many standards, such as the European standard EN AW-3105. British Standard (BS) N31. There is also UNS number A93105. In addition, the EN chemical name is AlMn0,5Mg0,5. Corrosion resistance, formability and welding characteristics are its typical excellent characteristics. It cannot be hardened by heat treatment. 3105 aluminum coil belongs to 3000 series aluminum metal, which is 20% stronger than 1000 series metal.
3105 aluminum coil

3105 aluminum coil properties

The main additive elements in 3105 aluminum are Mg, Mn, and Si. These elements also give it anti-correction, formability and welding characteristics. In addition, it has average machinability, which can be increased in tempering that is harder than the annealed state. Regardless of the tempering, the forming characteristics of 3105 aluminum are very good in all conventional processes. It should be noted that, except for annealing during cold working, 3105 aluminum does not react to heat treatment. On the contrary, the cold working characteristics are very good, even in the harder cold working state. With all the above functions, whether it is 3105 aluminum coil or 3105 aluminum sheet, it has a wide range of applications in many fields.
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The application of 3105 aluminum coil

refrigerated trucks, cold rooms, vehicle bodies, anti skid flooring, ship platforms, ambulances, stair treads, residential siding, rain carrying goods, sheet metal work.

3105 aluminum coil packaging

Henan Mingtai Aluminum 3105 aluminum coil. Meet export standards. The packaging form can be customized according to customer needs, and it can be covered with plastic film and kraft paper. More importantly, wooden boxes or wooden pallets can also be used to protect products from damage during transportation. There are two kinds of packaging, for convenience, customers can choose any one of them. Generally, 1×20′ container can hold 18-22 tons, and 1×40′ container can hold 20-24 tons.
3105 aluminum coil manufacturers

3105 aluminum coil manufacturers

Are you interested in 3105 aluminum coil? Still want to understand price trends first? Or if you want to know how to buy 3105 aluminum, please consult Henan Mingtai Al Industrial Co Ltd. If you are looking for a 3105 aluminum distributor, Henan Mingtai Al Industrial Co Ltd can meet your customized needs for this metal product and create excellent value for you. As a large-scale aluminum sheet, strip and foil manufacturer, Mingtai Aluminum follows the market trend and actively develops a new type of green and low-carbon aluminum industry to realize the recycling of aluminum resources.