3105 aluminum alloy composition

3105 aluminum alloy is a series of AL-Mn alloy with O, H12, H14, H18, H22 and other tempers. As a large aluminum processing manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience, henan Mingtai Aluminum can produce all tempered 3105 aluminum alloys. Here is a description of 3105 aluminum alloy composition.
Aluminum Al: margin
Silicon Si: 0.5
Copper Cu: 0.05–0.2
Zinc Zn: 0.10
Manganese Mn: 1.0–1.8
Iron Fe: 0.6
Single: 0.05
Mechanical properties of 3105 aluminum plate:
Tensile strength (MPa)) 120-160
Conditional yield strength 0.2 (MPa) )≥85
Sample size: all wall thickness
3105 aluminum alloy composition

3105 aluminum alloy composition and its performance advantages

A: Corrosion resistance and stress corrosion cracking ability are very strong;
B: Plasticity, brazability, and the processing method can be hot or cold processing;
C: The content of Cu element is less than 0.2%, and its function is to improve the tensile strength of the alloy without affecting the corrosion resistance of the alloy.
D: It is a kind of anti-rust aluminum, which is characterized by a wide range of uses and a large amount.

3105 aluminum alloy composition for bottle cap material

Aluminum bottle caps are widely used in beverage, wine, food, medicine, agriculture, and cosmetic industries because of their good sealing effect and recyclability. Don’t underestimate this small bottle cap, it plays an important role in protecting the safety of the product and extending the shelf life of the product. Among many aluminum bottle cap materials, 3105 aluminum alloy belongs to one of the models. The application of the product is often related to its composition, and the same is true for 3105 aluminum alloy.
3105 aluminum alloy Spain

3105 aluminum alloy composition for cans

Pop cans can be used for packaging beverages, food cans, and pet cans. Most of the materials used to make pop cans are aluminum alloys, with performance meeting the requirements for use, and the materials can be recycled. For the purpose of protecting the environment, aluminum cans are widely used, from the pull ring, the can lid to the can body are all made of aluminum alloy.
The can lid can be made of 3105 aluminum coil/strip or 5052-H19 coil/strip. It has the advantages of good metallurgical quality, high dimensional accuracy, small thickness fluctuation, and good punching performance; it also has excellent surface and mechanical properties. Performance and other characteristics. The quality is excellent and well received by the market.
3105 aluminum alloy Poland

3105 aluminum alloy composition and its price

How much is the price of 3105 aluminum alloy? It really depends on your actual needs to choose, because there are too many shapes and specifications of 3105 aluminum, such as 3105 aluminum sheet. For different purposes, different thicknesses, and different conditions, the corresponding quotations are definitely different.
In addition, there are many brands and manufacturers of 3105 aluminum alloy on the market, and the pricing is also uneven. Therefore, to obtain a specific quotation, please consult the designated manufacturer. Here you can consult henan Mingtai Aluminum. The large manufacturers are trustworthy.