3104 aluminum coil 3104 aluminum

3104 aluminum coil belongs to the non-heat-treatable and strengthened aluminum alloy of AL-Mn alloy series. It has low density, high strength, good corrosion resistance and easy deep drawing forming. Alloying elements Mn, Mg, Si, Fe, Cu, Zn, and a small amount of other elements.

3104 alloy aluminum coil

3104 alloy aluminum coil is well-known for its deep-drawing performance. If you want to reduce the amount of material, you can thin it out and make it lighter. The tank has strict requirements on the various processes of the material. 3104 aluminum coil, with proper elongation, good corrosion resistance, and good processing performance. Therefore, we can smelt and process into alloys with different hardnesses according to different application requirements.
3104 aluminum coil

3104 aluminum coil manufacturer-Mingtai Aluminum

Henan Mingtai Aluminum, an aluminum coil manufacturer, has advanced equipment and a strong technical team. It supplies aluminum coils with a thickness of 1-500mm and a width of 100-2650mm, blinds, lamp caps, aluminum bottle caps, cake trays, and can lids. Materials, etc. are all its applications, and we accept batch orders of 10-5000 tons.

3104 aluminum coil application can material

3104h19 aluminum coil/3104h48 aluminum coil for can lids;
3104 aluminum coil is used for the can body of the can. The can body is mainly produced as canned food cans, such as canned pets and canned rice porridge can also be used;
Sparkling beverage cans are not produced, such as beer and Coca-Cola cans. Aluminum cans have the characteristics of light weight, convenient opening, and easy recycling, which quickly became popular with the public and developed rapidly in a short period of time. The pop can consists of a lid, a bottom, a body, and a pull ring. The lid material can be processed by 3104-H19 aluminum coil, which is suitable for all cans except for sparkling beverages, such as canned pet food, canned beef, and canned fruit. , Eight Treasure Congee, etc.
Aluminium 3104-H19

3104 aluminum coil product advantages

3104 aluminum coil is a deformed aluminum alloy with excellent deep drawing performance, and is often used as a bottom material for food cans, cans, cans, and cans;
3104 deep drawing aluminum coil has good processing performance, welding performance and corrosion resistance;
3104 aluminum coil has low density, high strength, easy forming, and recyclabl.
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How much is the 3104 aluminum coil

Aluminum coil manufacturers make quotations based on the “market aluminum ingot price + processing fee”. Since the specifications of the products required by each user are different, the quotation rules of the manufacturers are different, so it is still necessary to ask the manufacturers carefully about the quotation.
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