3004 container foil introduction:

With the improvement of living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for food safety. Aluminum foil has a soft texture, good ductility, safety, and hygiene, and it is more and more widely used in the field of food packaging. The aluminum foil suitable for making lunch box containers is 3004 aluminum foil. This alloy has high hardness, good load-bearing, better stamping effect than 3003 aluminum foil, higher cost performance, and large market demand.
3004 container foil

3004 aluminum foil price:

There are many 3004 aluminum foil manufacturers. We understand that different manufacturers offer different prices, with many specifications and conditions. To understand the specific 3004 container foil price, you need to consult the manufacturer and provide the container foil specification alloy and dosage. Your specific quotation, or refer to the article “Aluminum sheet price calculation method“, understand the calculation method of aluminum sheet, and estimate the price by yourself.
3004 container foil

What are the factors that affect the price of 3004 container foil?

1. Different raw materials

The price of 3004 aluminum foil consists of the average closing price of A00 aluminum ingots from the Yangtze River on the day of shipment + processing fees. The fluctuation of raw material prices affects the final quotation, but the raw materials are also different. Large manufacturers choose high-quality suppliers, the quality of raw materials is guaranteed, and the quality of finished products is reliable. The price is more expensive.

2. Different production processes

Aluminum foil manufacturers have different strengths and different technical levels. From the selection of raw materials, the processing process, and the sale of 3004 aluminum foil products, different manufacturers have great differences. The technological level of aluminum foil manufacturers determines the appearance quality, performance, and application effects of aluminum foil, so the price is high or low.

3. Different sales methods

In addition to the direct sales of 3004 aluminum foil manufacturers, there are also many agents and distributors. The source manufacturers are all ex-factory prices, which can save a lot of intermediate circulation links and save customers’ costs. To know the specific price of 3004 container foil, you can consult Mingtai aluminum, Email:guojianbin@mingtai-al.com.
3004 container foil

Mingtai 3004 aluminum foil manufacturer:

Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. started in 1997 and has been focusing on aluminum processing for more than 20 years with the heart of a craftsman. Currently, it has become the top ten aluminum plate, strip, and foil enterprises in China and the top 500 private manufacturing enterprises in China. As a 3004 aluminum foil manufacturer, Mingtai produces 3004 lunch box material aluminum foil products with good shape, no black wire, no bright line, no holes, and multiple advantages, high quality and low price, welcome to order!
3004 container foil

3004 aluminum foil technical parameters:

Typical alloy 3004 aluminum foil
Material state F,O,H14,H16,H18,H19,H22,H24,H26,H28
Thickness (mm) 0.018-0.2
Width (mm) 100-1600
Length (mm) C
Typical products Lunch box material, food foil, container foil, etc.