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What is 3004 aluminum foil roll?

In daily life, food packaging has an extremely close relationship with food. In many occasions, such as shopping malls, supermarkets and homes, beautifully designed, practical and convenient food packaging can be seen everywhere. 3004 aluminum foil roll is the raw material for food packaging. This is also one of its typical uses. It can not only protect food from contamination or damage to food by external factors, but also facilitate the storage, transportation and sale of food. Last but not least, if consumers see food packaging with a beautiful appearance, it will attract consumers’ attention and arouse consumers’ desire to buy.
3004 aluminum foil roll

3004 aluminum foil roll for food packaging

3004 aluminum foil roll is mainly used for food packaging, including cooking in the kitchen, holding food, or making some materials that can be cleaned easily. Thousands of tons of aluminum foil roll are used to protect and package food all over the world. It is used to wrap a variety of foods during barbecue, including bean sprouts, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc., so as not to burn them during barbecue. After making these food packages into a ball with aluminum foil, open them to absorb the oil in the soup. In the process of crumpling the aluminum foil, the tension on the surface of the aluminum foil will be enlarged.
aluminum foil for for food packaging

Should you use 3004 aluminum foil roll or plastic wrap?

The answer depends on the food and how to heat the food. If you want to refrigerate something smelly, 3004 aluminum foil roll will form a stronger barrier to prevent the smell from entering. But you need to make sure it is sealed. If you want to reheat food in a traditional oven, aluminum foil roll is also ideal because it can withstand the heat. Acidic foods and other fresh foods, such as sandwiches and cut produce. It is best to use plastic wrap. To prevent the fruit from turning yellow, press the plastic wrap on any exposed fruit surface. Moreover, when you use dry marinade or spice rub, you can speed up the absorption rate by wrapping the meat tightly between two pieces of plastic wrap.
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3004 aluminum foil roll use skills

It is best to wrap a layer of food aluminum foil on the plastic packaged food to be frozen (such as unopened meat). Because it can prevent oxygen from entering, which causes freezer burn. Never use it in a microwave oven, and don’t wrap acidic foods (such as tomatoes and berries) in aluminum foil. Acid reacts with aluminum and easily produces substances that may be harmful to the human body, as well as unsightly blue residues.