3003 series aluminum

3003 series aluminum, a medium-strength aluminum alloy with excellent corrosion resistance. It is a structural alloy, mainly used for structural applications. Various sizes and types of sheet specifications. Henan Mingtai Aluminum, a leading manufacturer and supplier of alloy 3003 plate products.

3003 series aluminum H14

H14 is a tempered temper, indicating that 3003 has been strain hardened and partially annealed. In this case, 3003 is easy to form. Under this temper, embossing the 3003 aluminum surface will not easily cause the aluminum to strain or break. 3003 series aluminum aluminum tread plate, can also be called diamond plate. It has the same characteristics as 3003 aluminum sheet, while having excellent corrosion resistance, and it is strong for lightweight aluminum applications.
3003 series aluminum

3003 series aluminum element content

3003 series aluminum is defined as an aluminum alloy. Its element content is as follows: 0.12% copper, 1.2% manganese and 98.6% aluminum. Please note that these percentages are not constant. You know, 3003 aluminum can be processed into many forms. According to the change in the manufacturing method of 3003 aluminum alloy and the change in the content of other impurities, this percentage will also change. The composition of 3003 aluminum alloy is quite simple, mainly because in addition to aluminum, a certain amount of manganese is successfully added to aluminum to make an alloy. 3003 series aluminum has a density of 2.73 g/cm3.
3003 series aluminum Italy

3003 series aluminum 3003 aluminum sheet

The thickness of the board ranges from 0.2mm to 300mm, the width ranges from 500mm to 2600mm, and the length ranges from 500mm to 16000mm. We usually stick a film on the surface of 3003 aluminum sheet, which is a cladding material used to resist other corrosive objects. 3003 series aluminum is used for high thermal conductivity sheet in heat exchange applications. High thermal conductivity promotes the development of its applications, such as heat exchange applications, including boiler parts, condensers and heat exchangers, etc.
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Features of 3003 series aluminum

3003 aluminum is not heat-treatable, so how to strengthen it? Use work hardening process to strengthen. The main process of this strengthening method is to use mechanical deformation (rolling, hammering, etc.) to change the molecular structure of the metal to make it stronger. The disadvantage is that the ductility will become lower.
3003 series aluminum can have different types, such as sheet, strip, coil and checkered sheet. 3003 aluminum plate reduces the weight per unit volume. The material can be reprocessed, including cutting, grinding, shaping and polishing operations. The material composition also contains traces of other elements. The chemical composition makes 3003 aluminum hot-rolled sheet have higher mechanical properties. Minimum tensile strength: 130MPa, yield strength: minimum 125MPa, Brinell hardness 35BHN. Please feel free to contact us for more information and prices about 3003 series aluminum. Aluminum plate, aluminum sheet, aluminum coil, aluminum foil and aluminum tread plate are all within our capacity.