3003 h14 aluminum Mexico

3003 aluminum-manganese alloy, H14 simple work hardening temper, combined to form 3003 h14 aluminum. Speaking of 3003 aluminum, people familiar with the aluminum processing industry are more familiar with this alloy. Regarding 3003 h14 aluminum Mexico, what other relevant information is there for us to know? The following is some introduction about 3003 h14 aluminum Mexico.

The meaning of 3003 h14 in 3003 h14 aluminum Mexico

What is the meaning of 3003 h14 in 3003 h14 aluminum Mexico?
First of all, the letter 3 indicates that it is 3000 series aluminum alloy, this type of aluminum alloy uses manganese as the main alloying element;
The number 0 is related to the impurity limit content of aluminum alloy, which means that there is no special control on the impurity limit content of this aluminum alloy;
The third and fourth digits together indicate the modified alloy, which has no actual special meaning;
H represents a process to increase strength, through work hardening;
The two digits “14” can be introduced separately, 1 refers to the temper of simple work hardening treatment. This required strength is not obtained by heat treatment, but simply by work hardening. 4 is the middle value from 0 to 8, and the intensity is also the middle value.
3003 h14 aluminum Mexico

3003 h14 aluminum Mexico work hardening

Work hardening means that as the degree of cold deformation increases, some indicators increase, such as metal material strength and hardness indicators; some indicators decrease, such as plasticity and toughness. Some people call it cold work hardening. How to express the degree of work hardening? The microhardness of the surface layer after processing is different from that before processing, and there is a ratio; and the depth of the hardened layer is also different, which is expressed by the two.
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3003 h14 aluminum Mexico annealing

What is annealing? This is a metal heat treatment process. A brief introduction to this process is to slowly heat the metal to a certain temperature, keep it for enough time, and then cool it at an appropriate speed. The result is reduced hardness; machinability is improved; no residual stress, stable size, reduced deformation and crack tendency; grain refinement, structure adjustment, no structure defects. In summary, annealing is a heat treatment process for materials, both metallic and non-metallic materials are used. The purpose of annealing of new materials is similar to that of traditional metals.
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3003 h14 Aluminum Mexico and other tempers

When the system’s temperature, pressure, volume, state of matter, amount of matter, phase, various energies, etc. are constant, we say that the system is in a temper.
Zhengzhou Mingtai Al introduces other temper to you. In addition to h14, 3003 has other tempers. O Temper: This is a completely annealed temper to obtain a strong processed product. H18 Temper: Similar to the h14 temper, it is a hard state, but not super hard.