3003-h14 aluminum material properties

When you receive the aluminum sheet product, there is AA3003 H14 in the material description, so what does this model mean? Don’t worry, today I will take you to learn about the aluminum sheet models. After understanding, I believe that the next time you buy aluminum sheets, you can choose the aluminum sheet model you need more quickly. 3003-h14 aluminum material properties also are very well.
The number 3003 represents the AL-Mn alloy, and the letter H after the number is a common state of the finished aluminum plate, which means that the aluminum plate has undergone work hardening treatment to improve the strength. The H state is a common state of the finished aluminum sheet, and the strength is increased by hardening. Among the 5 basic states of aluminum plates (F, O, H, W, T), the H state is the most commonly encountered.
3003-h14 aluminum material properties

3003-h14 aluminum material for honeycomb aluminum sheet

Aluminum honeycomb composite panel is a commonly used building decoration material. Its upper and lower bottom plates and panels are aluminum alloy sheets, and the middle layer is a honeycomb structure made of aluminum foil. There are many 3003-h14 aluminum material properties. It has good rigidity and is currently a relatively good product in metal curtain wall materials. , widely used in the current architectural decoration and trains, automobiles, ships and other manufacturing industries.

3003 aluminum plate vs 5052 aluminum plate

The aluminum honeycomb composite panel panel adopts 3003 aluminum plate or 5052 aluminum plate, which has the characteristics of high flatness, light weight, high strength, convenient and quick installation, and long durability, and is very popular among users. The strength and rigidity of bearing weight are large, and the force is uniform. Good sound insulation and good thermal insulation. Has excellent fatigue resistance. The surface is flat and beautiful. Wide range of applications, durable and economical.
3003 vs 5052

3003-h14 aluminum material price

The price of 3003-h14 aluminum material varies according to the state and specifications selected by the user, and is also affected by factors such as different manufacturers’ strengths, sales models, regional consumption levels, and market supply and demand, so it cannot be uniformly priced. You can click the online consultation on the right to provide detailed product specifications and status. Mingtai will calculate an accurate quotation according to your needs. Good quality 3003 aluminum plate has good material selection, good performance, and excellent trial effect in the later period. Although the price will be more expensive, it is more guaranteed. The price of the 3003 aluminum plate of the direct selling manufacturer is more optimized and the quality is better.

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