3003 aluminum sheet manufacturer product advantages

3003 aluminum alloy is easy to form, excellent comprehensive machining performance, good corrosion resistance, light specific gravity and moderate strength;
The 3003 aluminum alloy material has the advantages of low density and soft material, and has the advantages of easy overall drawing and forming of the aluminum shell of the power battery. Compared with the stainless steel shell, the lightweight advantage is obvious, and it has been used by many enterprises for battery packaging;
There are many 3003 aluminum sheet manufacturers on the market. When choosing, we should pay attention to the size of the manufacturer, production equipment, product quality, delivery time and after-sales service. On the whole, Mingtai Aluminum is worth choosing.
3003 aluminum sheet manufacturer

3003 aluminum sheet manufacturer 3003 aluminum sheet cost

3003 aluminum sheet cost consists of market aluminum ingot price and manufacturer processing fee. Aluminum curtain wall panels are recycled aluminum products, and the raw materials processed have advantages in this regard. Compared with traditional aluminum curtain wall panels, 3003 aluminum curtain wall panels have a competitive advantage and are more cost-effective.

3003 aluminum sheet manufacturer Mingtai Aluminium Industrial

Mingtai Aluminium Industrial’s three promises to buy with confidence
Quality Commitment:
Mingtai Aluminium Industrial has its own testing laboratory, strictly implements national standards, optimizes raw materials, controls production processes, and provides standardized products. 3003 aluminum coil has stable performance and good quality, which is worth buying.
Delivery time commitment:
Mingtai has large-scale modern standard workshops and advanced production equipment at home and abroad, escorting the production of 3003 aluminum coils. The company’s annual production capacity is 1 million tons. After-sales commitment:
We provide you with full-process, integrated, butler-style services. If you have any questions about product quality, you can contact the after-sales service as soon as possible, and our after-sales service team will issue a solution for you as soon as possible.