3003 aluminum sheet

The 3 series aluminum sheet is an alloy series aluminum sheet with a wide range of applications. The main alloying element of the 3 series aluminum sheet is manganese, and the content of manganese is 1-1.5%, so it is also called aluminum-manganese alloy. Although it is not heat-treatable, it has good plasticity after cold working (rolling by under-cold mill) and annealing process. 3003 aluminum sheet, one of the commonly used 3 series aluminum sheet alloys, other alloys include 3004, 3005, 3A21, etc. The commonly used tempering for 3003 aluminum sheet is H14, H24, etc.

Use of 3003 aluminum sheet

The 3003 aluminum alloy is the largest used in the 3000 series. 3003 aluminum sheet is easy to process and has good anti-rust performance. Color paint can be applied to the surface of primary aluminum by roller to make various decorative curtain wall panels and ceiling gussets. 3003 aluminum sheet is the raw material for making roof color aluminum tiles, which are bent by a tile press. Lightweight and durable, life span is better than steel. Other uses include cookware, pressure vessels, ice trays, sun visors, natural gas pipelines, garage doors and refrigerator panels.
3003 aluminum sheet

3003 aluminum sheet h14 VS 3003 h24

H represents the temperament of cold work hardening, and the following numbers indicate the different degrees and types of cold work hardening.
H1 means simple work hardening temper, which is the last cold-rolled product. Without additional heat treatment, the product has relatively high hardness and low tensile strength. H2 represents work hardening and incomplete annealing temper. The last step of the product is heat treatment. After this treatment, the product has low hardness and high tensile strength. The intensity of H14 is between H11 and H18, similarly, the intensity of H24 is between H21 and H28.
The tensile strength of 3003-H14 is greater than 140MPa, while H24 is 240MPa.
3003 aluminium alloy

3003 h14 aluminum sheet VS 3105 aluminum sheet

The strength of 3105 aluminum is slightly higher than that of 3003 aluminum, and other properties are similar to 3003 aluminum alloy. 3105 aluminum sheet is usually processed by color coating and can be used for the side panels on both sides of the trailer.

3003 aluminum sheet VS 5052

The price of 3003 is lower than that of 5052, but the welding performance of 3003 aluminum sheet is good. Some truck fuel tank material manufacturers also use 3003H24 aluminum sheets to replace the non-pressurized partitions in the 5052 fuel tank Aying, which reduces the cost without affecting the use.
aluminium 3003 price

Features and disadvantages of 3003 aluminum sheet

It is characterized by its good rust and corrosion resistance. Due to the addition of manganese, the corrosion resistance: the 3 series aluminum sheet is larger than the 1 series aluminum sheet. This corrosion resistance is reflected in some environments, including air, fresh water, sea water, food, organic acids, gasoline, and neutral inorganic salt solutions. Even in dilute acid, it can maintain corrosion resistance, so it is also applicable in many special environments.
The hardness of 3003 aluminum sheet is also higher than that of pure aluminum sheet. It has good formability, weldability and corrosion resistance under normal temperature conditions, and excellent welding performance.
Disadvantages of the 3 series aluminum sheet: in the cold deformed state, the 3 series aluminum sheet has a tendency to peel off and corrode, and the degree of deformation is proportional to the degree of peeling. Since the color is not uniform after anodizing, anodizing treatment is generally not performed.