2×4 aluminum sheet

There are more and more versatile 2×4 aluminum sheet appearing in people’s lives on the market. The surface treatment of aluminum sheets can improve the decorative, corrosive, and functional uses of the products. Here is a brief introduction to several aluminum sheet surface treatment technologies.


Several common 2×4 aluminum sheet surface treatment technologies

Oxidation coloring:

Most 2×4 aluminum sheet use oxidation coloring as the final treatment or as the bottom treatment of other coatings. It is the earliest application and the best combination of performance and economy. The dominant color is silver white, that is, no coloring, accounting for about 60% of the total output of profiles.

Woodgrain treatment:

The wood grain treatment method is one of the most advanced processes in the current 2×4 aluminum sheet treatment field. The most commonly used method of surface pattern treatment is the transfer method.

Chemical coloring:

Chemical coloring is also called dyeing method, which is to immerse the oxidized 2×4 aluminum sheet in an aqueous solution containing colorant and heated to a certain temperature, and then seal the holes in boiling water. The colored aluminum plate has a vivid hue.

Coating treatment:

Coating treatment is to apply a layer of colored or patterned paint on a 2×4 aluminum sheet to improve its anti-corrosion performance and enhance decorative aesthetics.

Polishing treatment:

The polishing treatment of a 2×4 aluminum sheet can be roughly divided into chemical polishing and mechanical polishing. Chemical polishing mainly adopts the triacid method.

Electrophoretic painting:

Under the action of direct current voltage, the charged colloidal particles dispersed in the medium move to the opposite electrode direction under the action of the electric field, which is called an electric pulse. Electrophoretic coatings are mainly transparent, weather-resistant acrylics, and polyesters.

The 2×4 aluminum sheet is anodic oxidation and electrolytic coloring before electrophoretic coating, which has a double layer of protection. In this way, the aluminum plate has high transparency, high metal texture, high corrosion resistance, and is more decorative than spray paint and powder spray. Mingtai is an aluminum sheet supplier of aluminum alloy substrates, and hope that these techniques can help downstream manufacturers.