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In particular, aluminum sheet products with a width of more than 2000mm have higher requirements for the width of the rolling range. From the manufacturer’s point of view, there are higher requirements for the production capacity of manufacturing enterprises, and stable performance must be achieved on the basis of achieving a wider range. For now, only some large-scale manufacturers are strong enough to meet this production requirement. At present, the commonly used 2mm aluminum sheet supplier wide aluminum sheet on the market is mainly based on 5 series and 6 series alloys. Commonly used alloys are 5052-H112, 6061-T6, etc. Ultra-wide aluminum sheet has a bright future. Typical application industries include shipbuilding, transportation, electronics, machinery, etc. At the same time, there is still a lot of market space in these industries. I believe that in the future, the citation industry of wide aluminum sheet will be more extensive.
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2mm aluminum sheet supplier introduces how to identify quality

How to choose high-quality aluminum sheet is an important part.
Identification check: Whether the product standard code and production license number are marked on the aluminum sheet and packaging.
Surface quality: In addition to the cleanliness of the aluminum alloy surface, cracks, peeling, corrosion and bubbles are not allowed, but there are also corrosion spots, electric burns, black spots, oxide film shedding and other defects, which are also not allowed.
Oxide film thickness: The oxide film of the aluminum alloy sheet is formed during anodization, which has protective and decorative effects and can be detected by an eddy current thickness gauge.
Sealing quality: After the aluminum alloy is anodized, there are many voids on the surface. If it is not sealed or the sealing is not good, its corrosion resistance will be reduced.
Corrosion resistance: This index mainly affects the life of aluminum products.
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How to choose 2mm aluminum sheet supplier?

How should we choose a factory in the face of diverse products? Specifically, three principles should be grasped. Choose a manufacturer with product certification. For example, marine aluminum sheets are usually certified by classification societies. To choose a manufacturer with strong comprehensive production strength, you can view it from the ranking of aluminum sheet manufacturers, and select a few that meet the product requirements for consultation. Choose large manufacturers with perfect after-sales service. Because the value of large quantities of 2mm aluminum sheet is very high, the purchaser will suffer a great loss if there is a quality problem after delivery. If there is a complete after-sales guarantee system, the loss for the purchaser can be minimized. And a complete after-sales system is generally the advantage of a large 2mm aluminum sheet supplier.
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