2mm aluminum sheet for sale

Sometimes customers will give such information, 2mm aluminum sheet for sale. 2mm here means a thickness of 2mm. The width and length specifications of a 2mm aluminum sheet for sale can be 12 inches x 12 inches, 12 inches x 24 inches, 12 inches x 36 inches, 12 inches x 48 inches, and 24 inches x 24. Inches, 24 inches x 36 inches, 24 inches x 48 inches, 36 inches x 48 inches, 48 ​​inches x 48 inches and so on. 1,3,5,6,7 alloy series are all available.
2mm aluminum sheet for sale

2mm aluminum sheet for sale weight

The formula for calculating the weight of the 2mm aluminum sheet: m=ρ*V (m is the mass, ρ is the density, and V is the volume) The density (ρ) of the aluminum sheet of different alloys is different, and we take the value 2.71g/cm3.
Calculate the volume first, and then multiply it by the density of aluminum. Volume = length * width. Pay attention to maintaining consistent units of measurement.
According to the above calculation method, the following data is obtained:
With a thickness of 2 mm, assuming its size is 48 x 96 inches, which is 1220*2440 mm, then the weight of such an aluminum sheet is 35.27 pounds.
2mm aluminum sheet for sale Malaysia

Pure 2mm aluminum sheet for sale

The strength of pure aluminum 2mm aluminum sheet is very low, and the annealing temper σb value is about 8kgf/mm2, so it is not suitable for structural materials. Through long-term production practices and scientific experiments, people gradually strengthened aluminum by adding alloying elements and using heat treatment methods, which resulted in a series of aluminum alloys.

Application of 2mm aluminum sheet for sale

2mm aluminum sheet for sale belongs to aluminum sheet. Aluminum sheet has excellent properties such as strength-to-weight ratio and natural corrosion resistance. Therefore, it is very popular in a wide range of applications. Aluminum sheet and aluminum sheet have different thickness ranges, but they have the same wide range of applications, aerospace, aircraft manufacturing, beverage packaging; building materials such as low-temperature storage, siding, gutters and house roofs. There may be applications of aluminum sheets in various areas that you can think of or are rare in life.
2mm aluminum sheet for sale Australia

Advantages of 2mm aluminum sheet for sale

Henan Mingtai Aluminium, as an aluminum sheet manufacturer, would like to introduce you the advantages of 2mm aluminum sheet for sale.
1. Strength, weight and rigidity are all its advantages.
2. Good weather resistance and corrosion resistance. The use of PVDF fluorocarbon paint can last up to 25 years without color.
3. Good craftsmanship. The aluminum sheet can be processed into flat, curved, and spherical shapes by adopting the process of processing first and then spraying paint, and can bear various complex geometric shapes such as sanitary partitions.
4. Uniform coating and diverse colors. Using electrostatic spraying technology, the adhesion between the paint and the aluminum sheet is even and consistent. Variety of paint colors, customers can choose suitable colors.
5. The surface is not easy to be dirty, which is convenient for daily cleaning and maintenance. The fluorine coating film has non-adhesive properties, which makes it difficult for contaminants to adhere to the surface, and has good cleanliness.
6. Convenient and quick installation and construction. The aluminum sheet is formed in the factory and does not need to be cut at the construction site, just fixed on the frame.