20 gauge aluminum sheet

The aluminum sheet can be welded. The thickness of the 20 gauge aluminum sheet is about 0.8mm. The board is too thin, so it is not suitable for welding. Moreover, during the processing of 20 gauge aluminum sheet, the aluminum sheet is often broken due to bending, especially the burst of anodizing after bending, which makes many aluminum sheet processing enterprises confused. So how to avoid such a problem, let us come together under analysis.


How to avoid breakage of 20 gauge aluminum sheet

How to avoid breakage during the processing of 20 gauge aluminum sheet?
In fact, the main reasons for the fracture of 20 gauge aluminum sheet processing are as follows. If we pay attention to the following issues during processing, the occurrence of fracture will be greatly reduced.

1. The hardness of aluminum sheet 20 gauge

Generally, the harder the object, the easier it is to be broken by external forces. The same is true for 20 gauge aluminum sheet, so we must choose the aluminum sheet when choosing aluminum sheet, and choose the products that are easier to bend according to the aluminum sheet grade and state, like aluminum sheet The products of the 1 series, 3 series, and 5 series are easier to bend, while the 6 series and 7 series products need to be annealed to the O state due to the high hardness.

2. The thickness of the aluminum sheet

The thicker the aluminum sheet, the more difficult it is to bend, like other materials, so when we choose, we can consider choosing a thin 20 gauge aluminum sheet to process the product to avoid breakage.

3. Bending angle and aluminum sheet texture

No matter what the item is, the greater the bending angle, the higher the success rate, so when we are processing 20 gauge aluminum sheet metal, the bending angle is as large as possible, and then the aluminum plate texture, the bending direction should be perpendicular to the aluminum plate texture direction, not parallel.

In the process of aluminum sheet processing, if we can avoid the above-mentioned problems, the bending and fracture of the aluminum sheet plate will be greatly reduced, and the problem will be better solved.