1mm aluminum sheet [ 1mm thick aluminum sheet coil ]

1mm aluminum sheet coil is one of the more commonly used aluminum alloy materials products. Mingtai Aluminum can currently produce 1-8 series 1mm thick aluminum sheet with a low aluminum sheet cost. Each series of 1mm thick aluminum sheet coils has different alloy properties and advantages.

1mm aluminum sheet product introduction

1mm aluminum sheet can be made into a coil. The 1000 series aluminum sheet 1mm has good conductivity and good corrosion resistance. It has good performance in scientific experiments, chemical industry and special uses. 3000 series 1mm thick aluminum sheet has good anti-rust aluminum function. 5000 series 1mm thick aluminum sheet coil is corrosion resistant. 6000 series aluminum sheet coil 1mm has high mechanical strength.


Advantages of 1mm aluminum sheet coil

1mm aluminum sheet product has beautiful appearance and smooth features. It plays a good role in thermal insulation and corrosion protection. At present, the 1mm thick aluminum sheet on the market can be widely used in pipeline insulation packaging. Specifically, it has the following good advantages:
Advantage one: The density of 1mm thick aluminum sheet roll is 2.71 g/cm3, which determines that the weight of aluminum roll per square meter is very light. It can save a lot of raw materials and reduce costs for enterprises.
Advantage two: The external light of 1mm aluminum sheet is smooth and clean, which plays a certain aesthetic effect. And you don’t have to worry about the rusty phenomenon of the product in the later stage. So in terms of rust prevention, it performs better than the iron sheet.
Advantage three: easy to construct. The plasticity of 1mm aluminum sheet is relatively high. And it can be easily bent and wound. Greatly improve work efficiency.


Application of 1mm aluminum sheet

In addition to the use of 1mm aluminum sheet for insulation and rust prevention. It can also be used in many aspects according to different alloys and properties, such as roofs and wall spaces. For construction, doors and windows and ceilings will also use 1mm aluminum. Others like nameplate manufacturing, chemical storage equipment will also use it.


1mm thick aluminum sheet supplier

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. can customize the production of 1,3,5,6,7 and 8 series 1mm aluminum sheet coils. In addition, it can also produce aluminum foil rolls and extra aluminum plates. You can consult Mingtai Aluminum’s online customer service or email to contact sales. You can get the quote and performance specifications of 1mm thick aluminum sheet. Mingtai Aluminum will become your closest business partner and establish business relationship with you in the future.


aluminum sheet package delivery

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. will ship in 1mm aluminum sheet according to customer needs in coil rolls or sheet. As well as, the aluminum sheet packaging with plastic film and kraft paper.
Meanwhile, Mingtai use wooden boxes or wooden pallets to protect the product during transportation. The 1mm thick aluminum sheet packaging meets export standards.