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Aluminum sheet is a material that has become more and more widely used in recent years, and was previously limited to military applications. It has become an important material because of its characteristics such as light texture, fire resistance, sound insulation, and corrosion resistance. In addition, it can save a lot of aluminum and stone, which is known as a revolution in the material industry. 1mm aluminum sheet supplier has witnessed the speed of aluminum sheet output in recent years, and the output of green disks has maintained an average growth rate of 22%. In recent years, China Mingtai Aluminum has continued to innovate in technology. The 2650mm ultra-wide aluminum sheet production line has gradually matured, and the development trend is good.
1mm aluminum sheet supplier

1mm aluminum sheet supplier Aluminum sheet performance

1mm aluminum sheet not only has excellent performance in terms of large size and flatness, but also has many options in terms of shape, surface treatment, color, installation system, etc. It has become very popular in the market in recent years. 1mm aluminum sheet has good performance and obvious advantages.
If you want to use it in construction, 1mm aluminum sheet has high flexural rigidity and high flexural strength, that is, light weight and high strength; the flatness is very good, can meet the requirements of the maximum spacing of building curtain walls, and can meet the requirements of the minimum building components to achieve the best Good building performance requirements; reworkable, various surface treatments; good fire resistance; good sound absorption, sound insulation, heat insulation, shock resistance and other functions; good for environmental protection, 100% recycling.
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1mm aluminum sheet supplier can be painted

The 1mm aluminum sheet is made of the same material as the panel. The surface is anodized. If you want to protect the side exposed to the air, you can apply a protective coating on the surface. There are many kinds of coating materials, which can be selected according to your project needs. Prevent long-term exposure to the air and cause corrosion of the aluminum plate.

Types of 1mm aluminum sheet supplier aluminum sheet

1mm aluminum sheet is classified according to the processing method, and can also be classified according to the alloy. There are many classification methods, but they do not affect its wide range of applications. 1mm aluminum sheet supplier can produce aluminum sheets for a variety of applications, and they are widely used in various industries. Common electrical appliances, agriculture, electromechanical, household appliances, etc., as well as automobiles, ships, and even aerospace and aviation. Aluminum flakes can not only exist in life.
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1mm aluminum sheet supplier

1mm aluminum sheet can be said to be very popular in the market. It is also one of China Mingtai Aluminum’s aluminum alloy products with large sales volume and wide application. This product has superb processing technology, mature production technology and stable product performance. If you choose the right alloy, similar processing and forming performance and corrosion resistance can also meet your requirements. It is highly recognized. Since there are so many 1mm aluminum sheet suppliers on the market, how to choose is also a difficult problem. I suggest you consult us if you have any questions, and we will do our best to solve your problem.