1mm aluminum sheet near me 1060

1mm aluminum sheet near me 1060 belongs to the pure aluminum series and has the general characteristics of aluminum: low density. In addition, there are other excellent properties, such as electrical and thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and plastic processing performance. 1mm aluminum sheet near me 1060 can be processed into plates, strips, foils and extruded products. 1mm aluminum sheet 1060 pure aluminum sheet has good elongation and tensile strength. The hardness of 1060 aluminum sheet is also moderate. 1060 aluminum is used to make products that are not easy to generate heat and will not corrode, and the appearance is more beautiful. The forming and processing characteristics and corrosion resistance of 1060-O aluminum sheet are of high grade. Conventional processing requirements can be achieved and good results can be achieved.
1mm aluminum sheet near me

1mm aluminum sheet near me 3003

3003 1mm aluminum sheet near me has the following 4 performances.
Forming characteristics, corrosion resistance, weldability and electrical conductivity, these characteristics are excellent;
Smooth surface, good plasticity and pressure resistance;
Impact resistance, resistance to rupture and leakage are the main reasons why it is used as a power battery shell material. It can meet the requirements for strength and rigidity of the power battery shell.
3003 aluminum sheet for lightweight automobiles, with the advantages of low density and light weight, can reduce the weight of the entire vehicle and increase the endurance of the vehicle.
1mm aluminum sheet near me tokyo

1mm aluminum sheet near me 5052

5052 aluminum sheet has extraordinary anodizing quality, which can meet the needs of any color. Its surface processing quality is outstanding, and it can process a variety of different textures. Pre-polishing/mirror polishing can also be applied in the form of aluminum coils, so no additional finishing steps are required. It is an ideal choice for large electronic products such as laptops and TVs. In addition to excellent anodizing and color matching capabilities, this alloy also has moderate strength and formability, which can meet the design requirements of many consumer electronic products.
1mm thick aluminum sheet near me

1mm aluminum sheet near me with 2600 width

Ultra-wide aluminum sheet is different from conventional size aluminum sheet, and it is a special kind of 1mm aluminum sheet products. It is generally believed that the width of more than 1500mm is called wide aluminum sheet, and the width of more than 2000mm is called ultra-wide aluminum sheet. The production requirements for ultra-wide aluminum sheets are very high, and not all manufacturers have this production capacity. The six-high cold rolling mill used by China Mingtai Al makes Mingtai’s aluminum alloy products richer and more diversified. The six-roll mill can produce products including 1000, 3000, 5000, 6000 series aluminum sheets. Not only that, the ultra-wide aluminum sheet has a bright future. It is well developed in many industries and there is still room for development, such as shipbuilding, auto parts, electronic equipment, precision machinery, etc. These are some of the industries that have been put into use.