18 gauge aluminum sheet

18 gauge aluminum sheet is a relatively thin aluminum sheet, the thickness is 0.0403 when converted to inches, and 1.02362 mm when converted to millimeters. The following editor will introduce in detail.

The knowledge of 18 gauge aluminum sheet

With the rapid development of my country’s economy, 18 gauge aluminum sheet has also entered large-scale public buildings from industrial buildings, such as railway stations, airport terminals, concert halls, stadiums, grand theaters, etc.

The application technology and application scope of 18 gauge aluminum sheet is continuously expanding, and the application volume is also increasing. Its construction method is more scientific and corrosion resistance is stronger. The building roof, floor and wall adopts more force and connection. Reasonable board shape, greatly improved

The application technology level of 18 gauge aluminum sheet

18 gauge aluminum sheet has high strength, light weight, good waterproofing performance, and good skin stiffness. It can reduce installation, convenient construction and installation, shorten construction period, and less transportation workload.


Compared with concrete or masonry enclosure materials, 18 gauge aluminum sheet has slightly worse durability, but 18 aluminum sheet metal gauge factory products are of high quality.

18 gauge aluminum sheet is rich in color, beautiful and novel in appearance, flexible in combination and strong in decoration. 18 gauge aluminum sheet is in line with the sustainable development of the national economy, and it can be recycled.

Through the above knowledge of 18 gauge aluminum sheet, I believe you have a certain understanding of 18 gauge aluminum sheet, in order for you to understand our products better, and to increase your knowledge and enrich your knowledge, I hope you can learn more Knowledge in this area.


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