14 inch thick aluminum sheets

The alloy composition in the middle of 14 inch thick aluminum sheets can increase its corrosion resistance and machining performance, such as magnesium and silicon alloy elements. 14 inch aluminum sheet is mainly used in the fields of ships, automobiles, construction machinery, pressure vessels, etc.


When choosing 14 inch thick aluminum sheets, our first consideration is quality and price. But there are also many customers who don’t know much about its surface and material. So what kind of aluminum plate has the best quality? Mingtai aluminum sheet supplier will give you the best explanation below.

What kind of 14 inch thick aluminum sheets have the best quality?

1. Identification check. The 14 inch thick aluminum sheets we usually see are marked with the standard code and license of the product.

2. Surface quality inspection. In addition to cleaning the surface of 14 inch thick aluminum sheets, we need to see more things. For example, we should check whether the aluminum sheet has some cracks or corrosion. These are all necessary Only by careful observation can it be discovered.

3. The thickness of the oxide film. This requires the use of professional eddy current thickness measuring instruments for testing.

4. Sealing quality. Sealing is formed after the anodic oxidation is carried out. If these sealings are not well treated, it will cause the subsequent corrosion of the aluminum plate. Usually, the detection method we carry out is the acid immersion method, that is, after removing the surface dust, drip nitric acid on the surface, wipe it gently, wash off the nitric acid with water, and then drip purple syrup on the surface, and wipe it off after one minute. See if there are any obvious traces on the surface. If there are, it means that the sealing is not done well.

5. Corrosion resistance. 14 inch thick aluminum sheets The indicator of the manufacturer also affects the life of the aluminum sheet. We often use the method of dropping alkali, using sodium hydroxide solution, which mainly depends on the time the oxide film is penetrated. It is recommended to proceed under strict requirements in the laboratory.

Why choose Mingtai 14 inch thick aluminum sheets?

14 inch thick aluminum sheets board advantages:

1. The domestic leading integrated slicing line meets customers’ precise customization requirements. The main equipment includes a rough straightening machine, oil cleaning device, fine straightening machine, stacking table, and high-pressure pump station, etc., which can realize integrated and complete processing. Production specifications can be customized to meet most market needs.

2. The industry’s first-class polishing technology, the products are delicate and smooth, and the brightness is uniform. Through pure mechanical principles, it solves various problems arising from the surface of the sheet, reduces the surface roughness of the sheet, and makes the product appearance uniform in color and smooth. The surface of the treated plate is fine, smooth, and uniform in brightness.

3. Ф660mm thick plate precision saw product specification vertical and horizontal error is less than 2mm. The Ф660mm thick plate precision saw can accurately saw the aluminum plate in two directions on the plane into various specifications according to the requirements of different customers.

The precision of the finished product is accurate: the allowable error of longitudinal parallelism: ≦±2 mm, the allowable error of horizontal parallelism: ≦±2 mm, the vertical and horizontal error of verticality: ≦0.1 mm/200 mm, the allowable error of diagonal: 2.0 × aluminum plate width ÷ 1000 mm, the surface roughness of the cutting section: Ra≦25 (when the feed speed is 1m/min).

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