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14 gauge aluminum sheet can be used in many industries, and there are many kinds of applications just for decoration. 14 gauge aluminum sheet supplier here introduces its application in the field of aluminum sheet decoration. Regarding the application market of aluminum sheets, the application in the home decoration industry is becoming more and more popular. 14 gauge aluminum sheet can be used in the decoration industry.
14 gauge aluminum sheet supplier

14 gauge aluminum sheet supplier

Now, as the research and development technology of aluminum alloy becomes more and more advanced, its use is also more and more extensive, covering almost all fields. The application of aluminum sheet decoration in my country’s home decoration industry is becoming more and more popular. What are the specific applications of aluminum sheet decoration?
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One of the concrete manifestations of aluminum sheets used in the decoration industry is the use of curtain walls. The aluminum curtain wall refers to the lightweight enclosure wall hanging on the outside of the main structure of the building. Aluminum sheet is one of the very important curtain wall materials. Today, 14 gauge aluminum sheet supplier Zhengzhou Mingtai Aluminium briefly introduced the quality requirements of aluminum sheet curtain walls and the prone problems. Hope it can help you.
14 gauge aluminum sheet supplier introduces the requirements of curtain wall aluminum sheet
1) The variety, quality, color, and shape of the aluminum sheet should meet the design requirements.
2) For the installation and connection of aluminum sheets, cored aluminum rivets with appropriate spacing should be selected.
3) When installing the aluminum sheet, there are some precautions. Including the surface is flat and vertical, the edges and corners should be prefabricated aluminum sheets, and they should be tightly overlapped.
4) When dealing with the top pressure of the curtain wall and the inner and outer corners, it is necessary to deal with it carefully to prevent water leakage.
5) The design requirements will have requirements for insulation materials and density, and require fullness without leaving gaps.
6) During the glue injection process, the glue injection part should be kept clean. Excessive glue or dust pollution is not allowed.
7) The relevant regulations in the national standard are related to the lightning protection design of the curtain wall. A qualified curtain wall must have its own lightning protection system.
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Design, manufacture and construction in strict accordance with national standards are the key factors to ensure the qualification of aluminum curtain walls. In order to ensure the quality of the project. Zhengzhou Mingtai Aluminium has been focusing on the processing, R&D and innovation of aluminum products for 24 years. Including aluminum sheet, aluminum tape, aluminum foil. Independently researched and developed the domestic leading “1+4” hot rolling production line. Imported a number of advanced equipment. There are also more than 20 production lines and more than 60 processing equipment independently researched and developed, precise production and customized production, which can fully meet your needs. Whether you want to inquire about the product or have a question about the use of the product, please contact us directly.