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Gauge (sometimes spelled “gage”) refers to a specific material of a standard thickness metal plate. As the specification number increases, the material thickness decreases. There are several different gauge systems, where specific gauge names are used for specific metal types, aluminum, copper, iron, steel, etc. For example, 14 gauge aluminum sheet manufacturer introduces that 14 gauge steel has a thickness of 0.0747 inches, while 14 gauge aluminum has a thickness of 0.07812 inches. Due to the difference in thickness, a specification sheet should be used to ensure that the metal meets the required size.
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14 gauge aluminum sheet manufacturer 1060 aluminum sheet

In the actual process, the surface anodization of the 14 gauge aluminum sheet 1060 aluminum sheet is more common and can be applied in daily life. This process produces a hard protective layer on the surface of the aluminum part, which can be used to produce kitchen utensils and other daily necessities. However, the anodizing effect of cast aluminum is not good, and the surface is not shiny, it can only be black. The oxidation effect of 1060 aluminum sheet is good, especially the hot-rolled 1060 aluminum sheet has a good oxidation effect.
1060 aluminum sheet has low density, can be strengthened, easy to process, and has good electrical and thermal conductivity. The electrical conductivity is two-thirds of copper, and the thermal conductivity is three times larger than that of iron. Therefore, it is mostly used for wires, cables, and various heat exchanges. Devices, heat dissipation materials, etc.
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14 gauge aluminum sheet manufacturer production capacity

The domestic independent research and development (1+4) hot strip production line, the technological level is internationally leading. The high-precision integrated plate crown control system greatly improves product quality; continuous casting and rolling production line improves production capacity.
The product is simple in appearance, well-made, low-cost, pollution-free, and recyclable. At the same time meet the requirements of multiple fields and multiple projects.
The product has a flat pattern, high surface gloss and good alkaline washing effect, which can reach the level required by customers. The end surface of the product is flat and has no common surface defects.
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14 gauge aluminum sheet manufacturer Zhengzhou Mingtai Al

Advanced production equipment has created the excellent quality of Zhengzhou Mingtai Al 14 gauge aluminum sheet. Zhengzhou Mingtai Al has a complete set of advanced equipment for the production of aluminum sheets: roughing mill, finishing mill, quenching furnace, straightening machine, polishing machine, etc.
Strong processing capacity-the annual output of Zhengzhou Mingtai Al’s aluminum sheet, aluminum strip, and aluminum foil can reach 1 million tons, helping customers to seize the market.
Authoritative product certification-various types of aluminum sheets such as automotive aluminum sheets, marine aluminum sheets, etc., have their relevant authoritative certifications to ensure the quality of the products you buy.
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