14 gauge aluminum sheet for sale

14 gauge aluminum sheet for sale, where 14 gauge represents the thickness. Gauge can be converted into the corresponding millimeter measurement unit, and the data corresponding to different metal materials are also different. The 14 gauge aluminum material corresponds to 1.63 mm and 0.064 inches. If this thickness is the thickness of the aluminum sheet you are looking for, then you only need to choose the right alloy, and determine the size and quantity. Here will introduce you several types of 14 gauge aluminum sheet for sale.
14 gauge aluminum sheet for sale

General 14 gauge aluminum sheet for sale

Many customers should know that 5052 aluminum alloy is a general purpose aluminum. The reason for this name is that it has a wide range of applications. Moreover, it has many characteristics of aluminum alloy, which make it better to be used in various projects.
The tempering of 5052 aluminum is H14, H19, H32 and H34. 14 gauge 5052 h32 aluminum sheet for sale is the representative product and is the most widely used.
Although the strength is medium level, corrosion resistance, fatigue strength, weldability, these are all very good, just part of the excellent characteristics, but the benefits do not stop there. 5052 aluminum sheet also happens to be the most commonly used non-heat-treated sheet. 5052 aluminum sheet has various excellent properties. Its overall versatility, not to mention its outstanding value, makes it one of the most practical alloys.
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Cheap 14 gauge aluminum sheet for sale

In terms of price, under the same conditions, the 1000 series 14 gauge aluminum sheet is the cheapest and most widely used aluminum sheet series. When you ask the aluminum sheet supplier, the salesperson will ask you some questions, among which the aluminum sheet grades you need must be clearly known. Commonly used 1000 series aluminum is divided into the following grades: 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, etc. The first number is 1, which means that they are all pure aluminum sheets of the 1000 series.
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14 gauge aluminum sheet for sale supplier

As for the supplier of 14 gauge aluminum sheet for sale, we choose the first-class manufacturer with strong strength and large-scale production for consultation. In terms of price, more comparisons are made between local aluminum sheet manufacturers and other aluminum sheet manufacturers. In terms of quality, understanding the production equipment and technical level of the factory can basically determine the quality level of the product.
At the same time, it is also necessary to comprehensively consider the manufacturer, quality and service to obtain more guarantees for corporate purchases.
The 14 gauge aluminum sheet for sale produced by Zhengzhou Mingtai Al is a high-quality aluminum sheet. Strength, fatigue resistance, plasticity, and corrosion resistance are all excellent features. There are also features such as solderability and polishability.