12×12 aluminum plate

The length and width of the 12×12 aluminum plate is 12″x12″, which means that the actual length and width are both 12 inches, which is 304.8 mm when converted to millimeters. The aluminum plate of this specification has good annealed plasticity, high work hardening rate and high alloy strength.12x12-aluminum-plate

Performance of 12×12 aluminum plate

The tensile strength of 12×12 aluminum plate is 170-350MPa, and the annealing temperature is 345 degrees Celsius. The mechanical properties will be different under different work hardening and heat treatment conditions. Compared with the pure aluminum plate of series 1, the tensile strength of the former is 210-230, and the hardness is 100% higher than that of series 1. At the same time, the elongation is also increased by 12-20%. Effect, the corrosion resistance of 12 x 12 aluminum sheet plate is more obvious.


What is the hardness of the 12×12 aluminum plate in different states

12×12 aluminum plate is also different under different conditions. The hardness of O aluminum plate is about 46HB; the hardness of H32 aluminum plate is about 60HB; the hardness of H34 aluminum plate is about 68HB; the hardness of H36 aluminum plate is about 73HB. The hardness of the 12 x 12 aluminum plate under different conditions above is approximate and is for reference only.


Surface quality of 12×12 aluminum plate

Generally speaking, in production, there should be no cracks, corrosion spots and traces of nitrate on the surface of 12”x12” aluminum plate. Local mechanical damage such as peeling and bubbles is not allowed on the surface. The maximum depth of defects cannot exceed 0.5 mm, the defect area does not exceed 5% of the total area of ​​the board, and other requirements are negotiated and decided by the purchasing enterprise and the manufacturer.

Application of 12×12 aluminum plate

From the application point of view, different alloy series can be used in some industries such as machinery, automobiles, and accessories. 4×8 aluminum sheet This article introduces several alloys that are basically suitable for 12”x12” specifications. . With the development of various industries, the demand for 12×12 aluminum plate is also increasing.

12×12 aluminum plate manufacturer

When we purchase 12×12 aluminum plate, we pay more attention to the manufacturer besides the price. We must first choose the manufacturer, and choose the right aluminum plate manufacturer to get twice the result with half the effort. Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd., as a well-known aluminum plate manufacturer in China, produces aluminum plates with good quality and stable performance, and is widely respected by users.


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