About 1100 aluminum sheet Turkey

1100 aluminum sheet Turkey, other names such as 1100 grade aluminum sheet, 1100 alloy aluminum sheet, 1100 series aluminum sheet. Commonly used alloy tempers are 1100-h14 aluminum sheet, 1100-0 aluminum sheet, and 1100-h18 aluminum sheet. 1100 aluminum sheet belongs to pure aluminum sheet, and the manufacturing process is simple. The price of 1100 aluminum sheet is much lower than that of 5000 series and 6000 series. The specific price needs to understand the specific needs of users. If you are looking for aluminum materials that do not require high strength for your next project, 1100 aluminum sheet is a good choice.
1100 aluminum sheet Turkey

1100 aluminum sheet Turkey suppliers

Zhengzhou Mingtai Aluminium 1100 aluminum sheet Turkey suppliers, a listed company, focus on the R&D and production of hot-rolled 1100 aluminum sheet. We are one of the few domestic manufacturers that can produce ultra-wide and ultra-thick 1100 aluminum sheets. The maximum width reaches 2650mm and the maximum thickness reaches 500mm. Our 1100 aluminum products mainly include 1100 hot-rolled aluminum sheets, 1100 aluminum diamond plates, ultra-wide 1100 aluminum sheets, 1100 mirror aluminum sheets and other different products. After you determine the specifications, you can contact us for custom production.
1100 grade aluminum sheet

1100 aluminum sheet Turkey properties

The alloy is commercial pure aluminum. The advantage of 1100 aluminum is that compared with other grades of aluminum, the aluminum content is 99% or higher;
It is one of the most widely used alloys, has excellent forming properties in the annealed state, and may be suitable for bending, spinning, stretching, stamping, roll forming and many other applications;
This alloy has good machinability. The best results can be obtained by machining it at high temperature;
Can be easily welded by all conventional methods; hot forged easily;
It is easy to complete hot or cold forming with this alloy. In the annealed state, the alloy can be extensively cold worked without intermediate annealing;
The alloy has no response to heat treatment except for tempering in the annealed state “O”.
1100 alloy aluminum sheet

1100 aluminum sheet Turkey price

Product cost input, product specifications, alloys, and market supply and demand relationships will all affect 1100 aluminum sheet Turkey price
Product input is an important factor affecting the price of 1100 aluminum plate manufacturers, and the input of different manufacturers will be different. Of course, the price of 1100 aluminum plate will also be very different. The investment of 1100 aluminum sheet manufacturers is mainly reflected in the use of raw materials, manpower, material resources and time.
The specifications are different, so the price must be different, for example, 1mm aluminum sheet and 10mm aluminum sheet, their prices are different.
The relationship between supply and demand in the market influences each other and plays a role of regulation to a certain extent. If a more unbalanced phenomenon occurs, this balance will be broken. When product supply exceeds demand, product prices will rise; when product supply exceeds demand, product prices will naturally decrease.