The difference between 1100 aluminum plate and 5052 aluminum plate:

1100 aluminum plates are generally used to specify components that have excellent forming, production, and processing performance, high corrosion resistance, and not necessarily high toughness, such as food and chemical plant transportation and storage machinery and equipment, sheet metal products, and deep-drawn cargo spinning processing Hollow hardware, electric welding components, reflectors, factory nameplates. 5052 aluminum plate is an aluminum-magnesium alloy made of pure aluminum and a certain amount of magnesium. The aluminum content is about 96%, the magnesium content is 2.2%-2.8%, and the others are other elements, such as silicon, copper, iron, etc. Aluminum-magnesium alloys have excellent properties and are regarded as “aluminum alloy plates with development prospects” in the industry, and they are especially common in new technology industries. Relatively 1100 aluminum sheet is cheaper than 5052 aluminum sheet.
1100 aluminum plate

The difference between 1100 aluminum plate and 1060 aluminum plate:

1100 and 1060 are all pure aluminum plates, and the aluminum content is different. Generally, the higher the aluminum content, the relatively softer the aluminum plate, so the 1100 aluminum plate is a little harder than the 1060 aluminum sheet. The compressive strength of 1100 is higher than that of 1060. The compressive strength of the 1100 aluminum plate is 110~136, and the compressive strength of the 1060 aluminum plate is 95-110. The key of the 1100 aluminum plate is the aluminum veneer curtain wall, heat pipe radiator, packaging printing plate, Heat exchanger parts, etc., capable of the punching machine.
1100 aluminum plate

Main uses of 1100 aluminum plate:

1100 aluminum plate is more commonly used, and products with low compressive strength regulations, such as billboards, architectural exterior decoration design, car body, high-rise building, and processing plant wall decoration design, restaurant kitchen sink, socket, cooling fan Leaf, electronic device parts, chemical equipment, sheet metal parts processing, deep drawing or stamping concave containers, electric welding parts, heat exchangers, clock layers and stock plates, factory nameplates, kitchen supplies, decorations, light-returning equipment, etc.
1100 aluminum plate

Summary of the difference between 1100 aluminum plate:

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