Can 1050 aluminum sheet Turkey be bent?

The hardness of the aluminum sheet is the key to whether the bending cracks or not. If the hardness of the aluminum sheet is too high, it is easy to crack. The hardness of the aluminum sheet is related to the grade and state of the aluminum sheet. 1050 aluminum sheet Turkey is one of the series of aluminum sheets that can be bent, and there are usually 3 series and 5 series aluminum sheets that are often used for bending. In addition to 1050 aluminum grades, there are commonly used 1050, 1100, etc. that can be bent;
Full-hard temper, the bending effect is basically not very good, such as H18, H19, H38, etc.; semi-hard tempered aluminum can basically be bent, such as H24; soft bending is definitely no problem, bending at zero angle That is, 180 degrees, this state must be used.
1050 aluminum sheet Turkey

1050 aluminum sheet Turkey for lamp

1050 aluminum sheet, which is widely used and low in price, has many natural applications. Here is a specific introduction to its application in lamps and lanterns.
Application range of 1050 aluminum sheet Turkey in lighting
1050 aluminum sheet as lamp holders for incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, and other aluminum sheet materials as sockets have become a regular use.
Cast, stamped and spun aluminum parts are often used as artistic decorations for table lamps, standing lamps and other lamps.
Aluminum reflectors have become commonplace in fluorescent lighting systems and other lighting installation systems.
In recent years, solar energy-saving lamps have begun to be promoted and have begun to be widely used. Specifically used in lampshades, sockets, brackets, connecting rods, etc.
1050 aluminum sheet Turkey for lamp

Advantages of 1050 aluminum sheet Turkey for lamp

Aluminum can reduce the load of lamps. For example, a lamp post in an outdoor sports field requires 80 spotlights. Lightweight aluminum lamps show their advantages.
Outdoor lamps have requirements for the service life, which is about 10 years or more. This puts forward requirements for aluminum alloy, which has good corrosion resistance. Usually anodize their surface, the purpose is to feel the hardness and wear resistance. Frequent scrubbing can get a decorative effect.
Transportation vehicles also need to reduce weight and save energy, and aluminum materials, such as aluminum wires, aluminum coils, and aluminum electrical parts, can also be used.
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1050 aluminum sheet Turkey VS 1100

Henan Mingtai industrial 1050 aluminum sheet Turkey VS 1100
Both 1100 and 1050 are pure aluminum sheets, with different aluminum content. Generally, the higher the aluminum content, the softer the aluminum sheet is, so the 1100 aluminum sheet is a little harder than the 1050 aluminum sheet.
1050: Aluminum Al 99.60.
1100: Aluminum Al 99.00.
The tensile strength of 1100 aluminum sheet is higher than that of 1050. The tensile strength of 1100 aluminum sheet is 110~136, and the tensile strength of 1050 aluminum sheet is 95-110.
1100 aluminum sheet is mainly used for curtain wall aluminum veneer, radiator, printed board, heat exchanger components, etc. It can be punched, 1050 aluminum sheet is widely used, and 1050 products can be used if the strength is not high.