1100 1 4 inch aluminum sheet

This is 99% pure aluminum with excellent corrosion resistance; easy processing, including deep drawing; weldability and high thermal conductivity.
H14 mill finish surface
Excellent corrosion resistance; easy to machine and weld. Suitable for sheet metal work, decorative and architectural purposes. Regular size specifications may have stock)

3003 1 4 inch aluminum sheet

Offers excellent corrosion resistance and a uniform smooth surface finish suitable for anodizing. This alloy is suitable for decorative trim, control panel boxes and signs etc. 3003-H14 is a specification alloy for general forming operations.
1 4 inch aluminum sheet

5052 1 4 inch aluminum sheet

It is a high strength alloy with good forming quality, especially suitable for marine applications.
5052-H32 and H34 are common tempers.
5083 1 4 inch aluminum sheet
Typical uses are truck dump bodies, tanker trucks, exhaust stacks, chemical handling tanks on vessels, etc.

6061 1 4 inch aluminum sheet

6061-T6 is artificially aged. 6061-T6 has higher tensile and yield strengths than 6061-T4. Provides good finishing properties. Can be welded or connected. Anodizing is also possible.

Prepainted 1 4 inch aluminum sheet

There are many prepainted 1 4 inch aluminum sheet alloys, including but not limited to 1100, 3003, 3105, 5005 and 5052, which are common. Painted aluminum offers a wide range of mechanical properties, with finishes ranging from high-durability exterior coatings, specialty epoxies, polyesters, textured polyesters, fluorocarbons and metals, and refinish primers. Standard colors can be selected, or custom color matching can be done according to specifications. Most coatings can be used on one and both sides.