1 4 inch aluminum plate near me use

1 4 inch aluminum plate near me can be used for below uses.
Solar reflective sheet
Building appearance
Interior decoration: ceiling, wall, etc.
Furniture, cabinets
Signs, nameplates, luggage
Car interior and exterior decoration
Interior decorations: such as photo frames
Household appliances: refrigerators, microwave ovens, audio equipment, etc.

1 4 inch aluminum plate near me weight

Determine the unit of length used for calculation, in meters;
Calculate the volume of the aluminum plate V=length×width×thickness
Calculate the weight of the aluminum plate G=2.71 (the specific gravity of aluminum)×V
Example: aluminum plate 1×1000*×1000 find the weight of this aluminum plate?
Calculation G=2.71×(0.001×1×1)=0.00271 (tons)
The thickness of 1 4 inch aluminum plate near me is fixed, just change the width and length.
1 4 inch aluminum plate near me

Where can I buy 1 4 inch aluminum plate near me?

If you are looking for a 14 gauge aluminum sheet for your next project, please choose an aluminum plate manufacturer.
This is Mingtai Aluminum, a large aluminum plate manufacturer.
We provide the shortest response to the inquiry;
The cut-to-size option customized by you can be used for aluminum sheet cutting to meet your specific requirements;
In addition, we will have some stocks, among which 6061 alloy and 5052 alloy are more likely to be available, with various standard sizes and thicknesses;
We also provide special-purpose embossing, diamond tread plate and other aluminum plate forms.

How much is 1 4 inch aluminum plate near me?

Regarding the price of 1 4 inch aluminum plate, China Mingtai Aluminium list some questions asked by customers.
Is price related to demand? What is the minimum order quantity?
The minimum order quantity for each specification is 8-10 tons. There is a certain relationship between price and demand, you can click on the right side to consult online to consult the price. Let customer service assist you with your inquiry.
Are you a factory or a distributor? What is the difference between these two sales models?
Mingtai Aluminum is a manufacturer and listed company. Users are all over the world. Samsung, Haier, Hitachi, etc. are our long-term partners, so you can purchase with confidence.
Because the factory directly connects with the customer, the price of the product will be lower.
Is your price fixed? Is there an expiration date?
Our quotation consists of two parts. The average closing price of A00 aluminum ingots on the Yangtze River on the day of shipment + processing fees. As the price of aluminum ingots fluctuates daily, the quotation will fluctuate. We will indicate the validity period of the price.
What is the quotation process?
Click Online Consultation on the right-inform customer service demand information-confirm and forward it to the business manager-the business manager will contact you as soon as possible.
What information do I need to get a quote?
Please provide the required product thickness, width, length (mm), total demand (tons), so that we can provide you with an accurate quotation. Such as: 5083 aluminum plate, 3*1220*2440mm, demand 30 tons/month, marine aluminum plate.