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There are many 1 4 inch aluminum plate manufacturers that can produce 1 4 inch aluminum plate, and many customers are confused about how to choose a suitable 1 4 inch aluminum plate manufacturer. We are a comprehensive enterprise mainly engaged in the production and processing of aluminum plates, strips and foils. The main products include all alloys of the 1-8 series, with an annual capacity of 1 million tons. 1 4 inch aluminum plate belongs to a relatively mature product series, and has occupied a stable share in the domestic aluminum processing market for many years.
1 4 inch aluminum plate manufacturer

1 4 inch aluminum plate manufacturer 5052

The 5052 aluminum sheet is an important product of the 5 series. Therefore, precise production control and strict quality inspection are set up to ensure the product’s mature technology and superior performance. For example, during quality inspection, three key indicators of 5052 aluminum plate were accurately inspected. First, the organization is small and the performance is uniform. This is especially important for ultra-thick plates, which require uniform performance in the thickness direction without large performance fluctuations. For medium-thick plates and thin plates, there should be no large performance fluctuations in length and width; the second is that the dimensional accuracy is relatively high. high. It mainly includes thickness accuracy and width accuracy, especially the most difficult and strict thickness accuracy, which will directly affect the performance and subsequent processing; third, the plate shape is good. The plate shape includes flatness and plate convexity. The shape of the plate has a great influence on the subsequent processing and is irreversible.
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1 4 inch aluminum plate manufacturer 6061

Commonly used tempers of 6061 aluminum plate are O, T6 and T651. How to choose the right temper? Let’s first understand the difference between different tempers. Under normal circumstances, the internal stress of T6 will be relatively large, and processing may be deformed. Therefore, the most suitable temper for processing is T651. T651 temper is stretched based on T6 temper to eliminate internal stress. This heat treatment pre-stretching process can produce high-quality aluminum alloy products. If the project has requirements in this respect, you can choose T651 temper. It should be noted that the processing cost of this tempered aluminum alloy product is relatively high, and it must be considered in conjunction with some project budgets. The excellent properties of 6061 aluminum plate include weldability, corrosion resistance and cold workability. It can be anodized or color coated, and it has a wide range of applications.

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