1 16 aluminum sheet price

The use of aluminum sheets is becoming more and more common in our lives. Because of its own characteristics, it is loved by people, and the demand for aluminum sheets is becoming more and more extensive. More and more aluminum sheet specifications appear to meet people’s different application needs. 1 16 aluminum sheet is one of the most popular aluminum sheet specifications. So, how much is the 1 16 aluminum sheet price? So what are the factors that affect the price change of aluminum sheet? As an aluminum sheet processing factory, China Mingtai Aluminum wants to share with you about this aspect.
1 16 aluminum sheet price

1 16 aluminum sheet price is related to the base material

What we can provide is 1 16 aluminum sheet base material. The processing of aluminum sheet can be color coating, welding, surface treatment, etc., for processing and manufacturing. There will be some differences between the prices of different basic materials. This will also cause a difference in cost, which will then have a certain impact on its price.

1 16 aluminum sheet price is related to processing materials

In the process of processing, if it is color coating, it needs to be coated with paint on its surface. According to the different use environment, the coating used can choose suitable resin, such as polyester silicon modified polyester, polyvinyl chloride plastisol and so on. This will also cause changes in the price of aluminum products.
4x8 sheet of 1/16 inch aluminum price

1 16 aluminum sheet price is related to specifications

In order to meet the requirements of different industries, its specifications, such as width and thickness, are different, which is also a factor that affects its price changes. The same aluminum sheet with a thickness of 1 16 inches has different prices for different alloys; if it is an aluminum sheet with the same alloy, the thickness, width and length, no matter any factor changes, the price will also change. In addition, 1 16 aluminum sheet price is also related to aluminum sheet alloy tempers, 0, H, T tempers and so on.
1/16 aluminum sheet weight

Other factors affecting 1 16 aluminum sheet price

The above are the factors that affect the change of 1 16 aluminum sheet price. These factors will not only affect the 1 16 aluminum sheet, but also have a relationship with the price of other specifications of aluminum sheet. Aluminum sheet has a good price-performance ratio, durable performance and competitive price. In addition, price changes will also be affected by changes in market demand; differences in geographic location will also cause some fluctuations in their prices. It is not difficult to find that the performance of the aluminum sheet is very stable, not easy to be corroded, and the unit volume is light. At the same time, after some processing techniques, its color is also very rich. Played a very good sense of decoration in the decoration industry, beautiful, with a more beautiful experience.