1060 1 16 aluminum sheet manufacturer

1 16 aluminum sheet manufacturer’s more mature 1060 1 16 aluminum sheet, low price, performance can also meet the basic project requirements. If you have requirements for items other than the basic characteristics of aluminum, you can choose other alloy series. 1060 1 16 aluminum sheet has a flat surface, high cleanliness, suitable for polymer welding, and the product has good elongation and tensile strength, which can fully meet the conventional processing requirements (stamping, stretching), high formability, and soft connection of power batteries. Aluminum-plastic panels, lamps, signs, etc. are all commonly used fields.
1 16 aluminum sheet manufacturer

3004 1 16 aluminum sheet manufacturer

3004 1 16 aluminum sheet is often used as the raw material of the lamp, mainly in the head of the lamp. The reason why 3004 aluminum sheet is used is because of its strong plasticity, easy forming, good corrosion resistance, and strong stress corrosion cracking ability; in addition, the strength of this alloy material is medium grade.
3004 1 16 aluminum sheet is produced by grinding machine equipment with high international level, and its product quality is guaranteed.
3004 1 16 The surface quality of aluminum sheet is good, oil spots, scratches, roll marks, waves, and burrs are all defects that are absolutely not allowed.
It is not only a material with stable and reliable overall performance, but also a recyclable aluminum material.
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5083 1 16 aluminum sheet manufacturer

5083 1 16 aluminum sheet can be used as part of the ship’s hull, console and other materials on ships. On the tanker, it can be used as the structural material of key parts such as the tanker body, tanker cover, and partition.
Zhengzhou Mingtai Aluminium is a well-known 1 16 aluminum sheet manufacturer. After Mingtai Aluminum introduced the SMS six-high cold rolling mill and put it into production, wide aluminum sheet became one of the core products of the production line. The application range of wide aluminum sheet is very broad. Take 5083 1 16 aluminum sheet as an example. Tanker aluminum sheet, marine aluminum sheet, and mold aluminum sheet are the main application areas.
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5052 1 16 aluminum sheet manufacturer

5052 1 16 aluminum sheet is one of the aluminum alloy products with a wide range of uses. Product market recognition is high, processing technology level is high, and supply is skilled; product performance is relatively stable, with good molding processing performance, and corrosion resistance. The application field is more extensive, from the common luggage box in life to the fuel tank material in the automobile field; from the LCD back panel of the TV commonly used in the home to the tank body material of the tank truck; from the door panel in the house to the high-voltage switch shell and the exterior of the automobile engine Office and other fields. As the demand on the market continues to increase, the requirements for product quality are getting higher and higher. If you want to buy high-quality 1 16 aluminum sheet, the choice of 1 16 aluminum sheet manufacturer is even more important.
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