1 16 aluminum sheet for sale

1 16 aluminum sheet for sale usually refers to 1/16 inch thick aluminum sheet. 1/16 inch is its thickness, which can also be represented by .063. 1 16 aluminum sheet for sale is the name of this type of thickness aluminum sheet, and there are no restrictions on its application and other information.

1 16 aluminum sheet for sale application

Here are a few common alloys to introduce their applications.
1100-0 1 16 aluminum sheet for sale is mainly used for some applications that do not require high strength, such as utensils, decorations, etc.;
5052 is a high-strength alloy with good forming quality, which is very suitable for marine applications;
5083 is an alloy with different tempering temperatures, which can produce very high welding joint efficiency. It can be used in tankers, heavy-duty transportation vehicles, etc., of course, using its welding performance to gain advantages;
Thanks to its excellent properties, 6061-T6 is a general-purpose alloy with high strength and good corrosion resistance. It can be used in all structural applications, such as mining trucks, logging chutes and shipbuilding.
1 16 aluminum sheet for sale

1 16 aluminum sheet for sale weight

Determine the length unit used for calculation, in meters;
Calculate the volume of the aluminum sheet V = length × width × thickness
Calculate the weight of the aluminum sheet G=2.71 (the specific gravity of aluminum)×V
Example: aluminum sheet 1×1000*×1000 find the weight of this aluminum sheet?
Calculation G=2.71×(0.001×1×1)=0.00271 (tons)
The thickness of the 1 16 aluminum sheet is fixed, just change the width and length.
116 aluminum sheet weight

1 16 aluminum sheet for sale diamond plate sheet

1 16 aluminum sheet for sale diamond plate sheet is our standard gauge for diamond plate aluminum sheet. This aluminum diamond plate is very suitable for protecting walls, covering cabinets, benches and any other diamond plate applications that require a strong aluminum diamond plate. Do you need a special 1 16 aluminum diamond plate for your garage, workshop, trailer, kitchen or special project?Zhengzhou Mingtai Aluminium provide customized cutting services. Please contact us, we are happy to provide you with customized cutting, if you have orders for multiple items, you can also enjoy a great discount.
1/16 aluminum sheet cost

1 16 aluminum sheet for sale cost

Which aluminum alloy series do you need? Or you can tell me your end use. After all, 1 16 aluminum sheet for sale involves five series of alloys of 1, 3, 5, 6, and 7, many grades, such as 1060, 3003, 5052, 6061, 7075 and so on.
What are the specifications of the aluminum sheet you need? Please let me know the thickness, width and length. The purpose is to calculate the processing fee more quickly and determine whether this specification is suitable for your end use.
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