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The Advantages Of All Aluminum Engine Jan 09, 2018

All aluminum engine has many advantages. The first is light, in this era of the pursuit of lightweight, even if only lost a kilogram, manufacturers are willing to do, all aluminum alloy engine compared to cast iron engine can reduce weight 10 - 20 kg, can reduce vehicle fuel consumption.

Second, the aluminum alloy engine has good heat dissipation and strong antiknock. Good heat dissipation means that the temperature of the oil rises rapidly during start-up of the vehicle, the wear on the cylinder body is small and the vehicle can enter the working state sooner, while the good antiknock means that the vehicle can use a lower-numbered fuel and save the owner Part of the expenses.


But all-aluminum engines also have their own disadvantage, that is, poor high temperature resistance, can not meet the high-power operation for a long time, will limit the performance of vehicles. However, this disadvantage is not obvious, generally only affect the vehicle's conversion potential without affecting the daily use.

So why are all kinds of sports cars, ultra-run all aluminum engine instead? Because they use a special process within the aluminum cylinder painted a layer of "iron film", greatly enhanced the working temperature of aluminum engine limits.