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The Advantages Of 6061 Aluminum Sheet Tent Jan 20, 2018

As the improvement of tent industry, aluminum alloy material has gradually replaced the traditional material, and the 6061-T6 aluminum sheet is an important material for tents.

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1.aluminum alloy tent has a solid structure

The hardness of 6061-T6 aluminum sheet is greatly enhanced by adding some alloy elements during processing. 6061-T6 aluminum sheet belongs to the ultraduralumin, with an alloy hardness of 15HW, it greatly enhance the robustness of tents, even able to resist the 120km / h of gale.

2.easy to set up and dismounting

On compare pure aluminum, the mechanical strength and surface hardness of aluminum alloy has dramatically improved, and aluminum alloy remains maintain the inherent characteristics of light weight, a light weight framework is convenient for the installation and destruction of tents, especially for a temporary tent. As well as a light weigh is convenient for the storage and transportation of tents, and reduce its whole costs.

3. beautiful and durable

Aluminum itself has a good corrosion resistance, and after various surface treatment, the corrosion resistance of 6060-T6 aluminum sheet is further enhanced. The enhanced 6061-T6 aluminum sheet not only owns an elegant metal luster, but also an excellent corrosion resistance performance, even suffer the torment from wind and rains in a long-term, it will not easily corroded. Aluminum will generating the alumina on surface when it react with the air, while the alumina is inactive, it can blocking the corrosion from water or air, so the tent has a long service life.

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