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Thanks The Bangladesh Customer For Ordering Aluminum Blister Foil 8079 For 10 Tons Used In Pharma Products Dec 27, 2017

Thanks the Bangladesh customer for ordering aluminum blister foil 8079 for 10 tons used in pharma products

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Aluminum foil materials has excellent characteristics, are widely used in food, beverages, cigarettes, drugs, daily necessities, household photographic plate, usually used as packaging materials; electrolysis capacitor materials, 8079 food packing aluminum foil and 8079 pharmaceutical grade packaging aluminum foil produced by Mingtai Al with good surface quality, and mingtai pharmaceutical  aluminum foil with good moisturproof and abrasion resistant has been tested out qualify for 8079 food and pharmaceutical grade packaging aluminum foil market.

The Highlights of Mingtai 8079 pharmaceutical grade aluminum foil:

1.) Moistureproof

2.) Abrasion resistant

3.) Non-toxic tasteless

The specifications of 8079 aluminum foil:

Thickness:0.016 mm-0.2 mm

Width:300 mm-1200 mm

Length: Coils

Temper:H14,H16,H18,H22,H24,O temper.

The applications of 8079 aluminum foil

1.) Food packing

2.) pharmaceutical  packaging

3.) Household packing

Mingtai Aluminum produces aluminum products with 1-8 series. As a leader in China's aluminum processing industry, Mingtai has been steadily developing and moving forward. With its exquisite product quality and continuous technological innovation, Mingtai has won wide acclaim from the society . Order aluminum  products. Welcome to call the hotline 0371-67898708.