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The Professional Non-slip Tread Aluminum Plate From Mingtai Aluminum Jan 12, 2018

Mingtai Aluminum is the biggest private enterprise that engaged in aluminum sheet, strip and foil processing, and listed in SSE (Shanghai Stock Exchange) in 2011. Mingtai Aluminum has 4 large production base, with a total area of 1.3milliom square meter, a rich production experience over 20 years, a variety of advanced production equipment. Let's see what tape of non-slip tread aluminum plate that  Mingtai have.


1. Non-slip tread aluminum plate that made of 1060 aluminum plate : this kind of non-slip tread aluminum plate low in price, it fits into the environment that has a normal temperature, and widely used in cold storage warehouse, floor and packaging.

2. Tread aluminum-manganese plate : this tread aluminum plate consists chiefly of 3003 aluminum plate, so also known as the rust-proof aluminum plate. The intensity of tread aluminum-manganese plate is slightly higher than the 1060 tread aluminum plate, has a relatively high anti-rust performance, but its hardness and corrosion resistance is below than the series 5xxx tread aluminum plate. 3003 tread aluminum plate is widely used in truck and the floor of cold storage warehouse.

3. Tread aluminum-magnesium plate : this kind of tread aluminum plate is made of series 5xxx aluminum plate, such as 5052 aluminum plate and 5083 aluminum plate. This tread aluminum plate has a good performance in corrosion resistance, hardness and rust-proof, has a good bearing capacity, is widely used in some special place, like ships, cars and other place that under a humid environment.