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5454 Aluminum Sheet For Natural Gas Tanker Jan 11, 2018

Tank car occupies an important position in transport, is one of the important transport, it play an important role in our life. Natural gas tanker is a tank-shaped transport vehicle that used for transport natural gas, and the stainless steel and alloy are the main material for tanker. As the development of technology, the performance of aluminum alloy is better than stainless steel after processing,  as well as the causticity is more advantages.

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The alloy intensity of 5454 aluminum sheet is higher than 5052 about 20%, and the characteristic of 5454 aluminum sheet is similar with 5154 aluminum sheet, but its corrosion resistance is better than 5154 aluminum sheet under the harsh environment, so 5454 aluminum sheet has more advantages when used in natural gas tanker.

5454 aluminum sheet consists chiefly of aluminum, magnesium , zinc and copper, has a high corrosion resistance and rust protection. Aluminum will form a layer of oxide film when reacts with oxygen, it is not easy to rust, and easy to processing and welding. 5454 aluminum  sheet has a high intensity in non-heat treatment welding, so 5454 aluminum sheet is widely used in various applications, has a prominent performance in the use of boats and ships, pressure vessel, bridge, etc.