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The Characteristics And Applications Of Aluminum Copper Alloy Jan 27, 2018

The characteristics of aluminum copper alloy

Aluminum copper alloy belongs to the 2 series alloy which copper is the main alloy element. 2 series alloy includes Al-Cu-Mg alloy, Al-Cu-Mg-Fe-Ni alloy, Al-Cu-Mn alloy and so on, they can be strengthen by heat treatment, and its hardness will be further strengthen after annealing and quenching. Aluminum copper alloy also known as the hard aluminum alloy, it has a high intensity, a good handling characteristics, and a good corrosion resistance, but its corrosion resistance is below than others alloy’s, because aluminum copper alloy may cause intergranular corrosion under a certain condition, we can improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum copper alloy by covered with a layer of pure aluminum or 6 series aluminum alloy.

Al-Cu-Mg-Fe-Ni alloy which has a very complex chemical composition, it has a high intensity and a good process performance, it is easy to welding, and has a wide range of application in the forgings and structural parts that requires a high heat resistant and a good solderability.


The applications of aluminum copper alloy

2A11 aluminum alloy sheet, 2A12 aluminum alloy sheet, 2A13 aluminum alloy sheet, 2A14 aluminum alloy sheet and 2011 aluminum alloy sheet are the representative alloy of 2 series alloy. 2014 aluminum alloy sheet has a high intensity, is widely used in aviation industry, and the intensity of 2017 aluminum alloy sheet is below than the intensity of 2014 aluminum alloy sheet, but 2017 aluminum alloy sheet is more easily to processing.

2 series alloy has a wide range of application in aerospace structural parts, welding rod, machined products, engine piston wheel and so on. Henan Mingtai Aluminum supply the 2 series alloy, with a high quality and a factory price, want to know more, welcome to call the hotline 0371-67898708.