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Aluminum Alloy Body Electric Bus Helps Environmental Protection Jan 17, 2018

In winter, it seems inevitable to mention the topic of haze. Haze has a variety of reasons, including the emission of automobile exhaust is one of the important causes of pollution. In order to reduce the environmental pollution caused by the automobile, the automobile light weight mentioned the schedule, and it is more and more important to reduce the burden on the automobile. As a lightweight, corrosion-resistant and recyclable green metal material, aluminum alloy is not only an important basic raw material for economic development, but also a good carrier for energy saving and energy storage in the fields of construction, transportation, power supply, packaging and emerging industries.


In recent years, the state has made great efforts to develop public transport and promote new energy vehicles. The phenomenon of haze increasingly serious, with a wide range of urban bus routes, long driving time, fuel-efficient exhaust gas pollution and other characteristics, prompting the rapid development of new energy bus industry. As the power battery increases the weight of the body, the lightweight of the vehicle becomes a key issue to be solved in the field of new energy vehicles. The use of aluminum body can achieve lightweight car body, reducing power consumption, extending battery life mileage, improve vehicle carrying capacity and enhance corrosion resistance. At the same time as the government subsidies for new energy vehicles, aluminum electric vehicle body bus has increased from zero starting point to the current more than 37,000 and exports. It is reported that Shenzhen is now running the traditional public transport bus has basically completed the replacement of electric bus body.

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