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5083 Aluminum Plate For Tanker Body Jan 22, 2018

With the development and extensive use of aluminum alloy. In the tanker body industry, the same thickness 5083 aluminum plate’s corrosion-resistant time is up to 15 years. And for the same size tanker body, its weight has been reduced by 25%, reducing fuel consumption, Reached the energy-saving emission reduction, greatly improving the service life of vehicles, this is why the country in the tanker aluminum to promote the gradual replacement of steel reasons.


Tanker body is the heart of every tanker business and tanker is the primary reference for customers choosing premium tankers. 5083 aluminum tank truck material quality differences, virtually influential customers for tanker evaluation and procurement. High-quality tank car material, passed out of the tanker manufacturer's strength, professional and brand degree, so that transport becomes safer and more peace of mind.

Mingtai Aluminum has a technical team of 480 people, leading management level and perfect service system, laying a solid foundation for the super competitive strength of the company. China's famous private aluminum processing listed company. The first self-developed (1 +4) hot-rolled production line confirms Mingtai Aluminum’s influence in the international market. The current tanker aluminum manufacturers are many, but the product quality varies greatly. Mingtai Aluminum 5083 car body aluminum production technology to achieve world-class standards, widely used in the industry by many industry peers unanimously approved.